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prints + goods inspired by the simplicity of nature.


prints + goods inspired by the simplicity of nature.

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let nature work her magic

Kayla McDaniels

Some say they do their best thinking in the shower, on an airplane, or the moments when they first wake. We all have something that works. For me, it's being outside. Stepping outside awakens the senses, relaxes the nervous system, and boosts mood and energy. I'm all about spending more time outside. Here are some reasons you should too!

Being outside makes exercising easier

There is so much to do outside! Taking long walks, riding a bike, kayaking and paddle boarding, or practicing yoga. Being outside makes it easier to do activities that are good for your physical and mental health. Next time friends want to meet, suggest a walking hangout! Nothing better than getting the endorphins flowing and the fun rolling. 

Spending time outdoors boosts our mood

It's proven! Spending time outside, soaking up the suns rays boosts our mood and improves our outlook on life. Next time you are feeling overwhelmed or down, just take a short walk and it's guaranteed to help. Focus on your breath and observe the beauty that surrounds you. 

Deepen the connection with yourself and our world

We are intricately connected with nature. Our rhythms often sync with the rhythms of mother nature. Take a moment to give thanks to yourself for all that you do. You are a special being and have a specific purpose and place on earth. Register how much you've accomplished and how much you've grown in your life. Mother nature is here to support us and guide us through our journey. Get outside and let her work her magic on you.

With that said, I'm heading outside!

© Imagine Cactus 2017

say yes

Kayla McDaniels

Today, say "yes" to something you would normally decline. Friends want to go paddle boarding but you've never been? yes. Mom wants you to help her clean our the attic? yes. Google maps suggests the longer route? yes.

Every time you say yes, the universe expands to bring more opportunities your way. Have you ever noticed? Abundance is contagious. Over time, yes will become a habit, and your every day life will become unpredictable and exciting!

In order to truly raise your vibration, you’ve got to believe that everything you want is available to you.
— Jen Sincero, Author of "Your are a Badass"

Cleaning out the attic with mom could lead to exciting facts about your heritage, or nostalgic items that bring you back to being a kid again. Paddle boarding could become your "thing" and that long route on google maps? It could lead you to a new place to explore!

Of course, we all need to honor our bodies and say no when it comes down to physical and emotional health. And sometimes we can't say yes to everything... But next time an opportunity lands in your lap that is scary, unfamiliar, and a little exciting... say yes

"Hop on that retaining wall? YES"

"Hop on that retaining wall? YES"

And so it begins...

Kayla McDaniels


~exploring at the desert museum outside of tucson, az

Starting a small business is no easy task. There have been several instances of failure, success, roadblocks, mistakes, joy, and everything in between since committing to the idea of "Owner + Designer at Imagine Cactus." Creating something for others, for yourself, by yourself takes courage and determination. Usually we get caught up in the mindset of, "But what if nobody likes what I'm doing, but what if..." blah blah blah. The ego has an amazing way of turning a fun and exciting adventure into a spiraling black hole of self doubt. This is why I started Imagine Cactus; to learn how to let go, trust my gut, and create products that inspire others to reconnect with the earth. This is my adventure, and i'm so excited to share with you my endless love for mother nature, my stories of success and failure, and little bits of advice i've learned along the way. 

Hop in with me and enjoy the ride.